How important is to find a trustworthy real-estate agency?

If you ever were a tenant, then you certainly know how difficult is to find a decent apartment for the more decent price. There is nothing worse than endless research and tenant meeting where a group of unknown people will decide whether you will be able to rent an apartment or not. It can last forever, and it can be more than exhausting. This is why it is more than important to find a reliable company and to be honest with your demands. There are some rules you need to follow if you want to save your energy.

Find a reliable company

When it comes to finding your future place for living you need to find somebody you can rely on. Having somebody that you can trust is mandatory. You need to find somebody who has connections and who knows the market better than others. If they are familiar with the market and track current situation, they will be able to update you with the fresh news regarding your target places. A good agent will know which questions to ask you to have a picture of what you exactly want. Good questions will lead you both to the desired destination, that is, your dream house or apartment.

Always be honest with your agent

If you want to get what you want you to need to be completely honest with your agent. The more sincere you are, the better result your agent is going to achieve. You need to tell him all about yourself if you want to pass a tenant meeting. You need to live with people that are similar to you and have similar interests. Sometimes having people that have the same habits is more important than your place’s appearance.


Pay attention to location

Location can be your number one demand, especially when it comes to big cities. Search for a place near the company where you work. It will save you a lot of time. A lot of people like to live downtown, even if it is more expensive. You need to change your perspective and to note that you are not going to be in the city center every day. If you live near your job, you will save yourself of public transport. You will spend less time in public transport than it will be if you live downtown.

Pay attention to amenities and additional expenses

Sometimes amenities can help you cut your expenses more than you think, especially here in Singapore. No matter how beautiful your apartment view is, you need to know that in most cases you will pay additional costs regarding that view. If you like a luxury, you need to know your limits and additional tax you can pay that usually goes with it. You need to be aware of your limits and know how far you can go with demands and how much you can afford. It is exactly why you need a realtor to help you calculate everything and get the most reasonable result.